Let’s Cure CP is running a series of free webinars. This first webinar was recorded on September 12, 2011 and is an introduction to regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. The webinar was presented by Cliff Wimboren from Georgia Health Sciences University and discusses what regenerative medicine is and how it applies to stem cell therapy. Let’s Cure CP would also like to thank Cportsolutions for providing the webex hosting for the event.

Cerebral Palsy Activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
What we’ve learned about the number and characteristics of children with cerebral palsy in the US.”
Presenter: Daisy Christensen, PhD, Epidemiologist, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, CDC.

Genetic Contributions to Cerebral Palsy; Presenter: Michael Kruer, MD; Hosted By:
Michael Kruer presents a fascinating look at the medical history of Cerebral Palsy and the latest research around the causes of CP. Lets Cure CP hosted this webinar on October 9th. This is an amazing discussion about the possible genetic link to some forms of Cerebral Palsy. Please enjoy the webinar and share.

Let’s Cure CP Webinar September 13 2011
Let’s Cure CP’s First Webinar. This provides a background on Regenerative Medicine and how it is applied to CP.


CP occurs in approximately 2-3 in 1,000 births. Unfortunately, there is very little research being done to overcome and cure CP. Let’s Cure CP was created in the hopes of finding promising and alternative treatments for this debilitating condition. The videos below should help you to understand CP even more.

Dr. Carroll talking Cerebral Palsy and Stem Cells:


Take a look at this brief video with Dr. James Baumgartner:



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