The Dunay Family

Why We Want To Cure CP

On May 9, 2002, our son Alexander came into this world.  There was nothing out of the ordinary about the pregnancy or his birth.  Everything seemed fine and on point.  That all changed during that first evening in the hospital.  We elected to have him stay that night in the nursery so my wife and I could get some sleep.  Around midnight we received an urgent knock on the door.  Alex had stopped breathing and had been resuscitated. A neonatologist was called, and after a few hours of diagnosis, they told us that Alex had a sizeable stroke and that there was a bleed in his left side of his brain.  It was unclear when the stroke happened.  Due to the size of the bleed, we think it most likely occurred in utero as opposed to during the actual birth. We were devastated and in shock.

Alex remained in the neonatal intensive care unit for one week.  Soon it was time to take him home.  We were relieved that he was even able to survive the trauma he had just gone through.  My wife and I were both ignorant to the challenges ahead, and the great changes to our lives we were about to encounter. We enrolled him in Babies Can’t Wait program and started therapy immediately.  PT, speech and OT were provided weekly, with the frequency being twice a week.  Alex received aquatic therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and anything else that seemed like a promising option to help improve his condition. We began engaging with a multitude of specialists as well.  As anyone with a special needs child knows, raising a child with special needs can be emotionally, physically, and financially taxing on a family.  We feel we have grown and been blessed to have been given Alex, our special little boy.  We have the same dreams for Alex as everyone has for their children.  We want him to grow up and be independent and not reliant on others if possible.  That is why we have decided to start Let’s Cure CP!

We live in an amazing age of medicine.  Regenerative medicine is the future for a host of many health issues that plague our society.  Some of the preliminary research being done in the area of neurology is amazing.  However, the chronic CP patient is being left behind!  Let’s Cure CP wants to help every child out there by providing hope and promise by funding research that could be life changing.  We hope you all will feel as passionate as we do and help us find a cure for Cerebral Palsy!

Warmest Regards,

Lizette and David Dunay
(Alex’s Parents)

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