Board of Directors

Lizette Dunay

Lizette is co-founder of Let’s Cure CP.  She is a graduate of University of Florida where she got her B.A. in Economics and a minor in Spanish.  For the past twelve years Lizette has worked in the medical and biologics field in a sales and business development capacity.  For the past five years her career has focused on the area of regenerative medicine.

Lizette has always been very philanthropic and active in many different charities.  Her belief in the science of regenerative medicine coupled with a desire to make life easier for her son and others with Cerebral Palsy is what drove her to start Let’s Cure CP.  Lizette lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two children.

Ed Drambel

Ed has been selling implantable medical devices since 1992. In 2004, Ed founded Emerging Medical Technologies and is the sole owner. Ed has been working with clinical studies in the medical field since 2006. Ed has a BS in Marketing from Penn State University. He is the father of three children, Will, Katie and John and husband to Maurie Drambel since 1999. In 2004, his twins were born and his life took on a new meaning. John was diagnosed with multiple acute micro infarcts in various parts of his brain due to apnea and bradycardia. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with CP.

Ed’s strong background in medical sales started back to 1991 with Biotronik, Inc. (pacemakers and defibrillators), where he is a current independent distributor for Biotronik as well as Medicomp Event Recorders. He has grown the Atlanta, Georgia market from $0 sales in 1991 to multiple millions on an annual basis. Ed’s journey is not only helping his child overcome Cerebral Palsy, but also help the other 800,000 people in the US who battle this on a daily basis.

Dave Dunay

Dave is co-founder of Let¹s Cure CP. A native Floridian, He is a graduate of both the Georgia Institute of Technology (MS) and the University of Florida (BA). For the past fifteen years Dave has worked in the commercial real estate information and software industries, with a focus on finance and retail.

Dave has been active in the community and has served on several neighborhood associations in the Atlanta area. He sought to help start Lets Cure CP due to his son’s diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. He has a deep desire and passion to help other families in the hope of having a better tomorrow for their children and loved ones living with CP.

Maurie Drambel

Maurie Drambel graduated with a BS degree in English from University of Georgia.  She started her career in marketing and advanced to an Executive Assistant for a Major Corporate travel corporation.  She currently holds the most difficult position of her career, raising three beautiful children, including John Drambel.

Maurie is a co-founder of Let’s Cure CP.  She is excited to help in the cause to helping children with CP improve their quality of life, so that other mothers of CP children will not spend the majority of their day planning their child’s next doctor appointment, surgery, PT, OT and Speech appointment.

Erika Costantino

Erika is a native Floridian who graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.A. in Business Management.  For the past 13 years Erika has worked at Bloomin’ Brands as a Corporate Accountant.  She has been married to her husband, Eric Costantino, for 9 years and they have 2 beautiful children, Emma and EJ.

EJ was diagnosed with an enlarged brain ventricle at 29 weeks.  Shortly after birth is was determined that EJ had a brain bleed while in utero and due to the damaged cells on his brain he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  In the beginning the diagnosis was devastating but now, 4 years later, it’s obvious that EJ is a true blessing.  EJ is severely delayed, almost completely deaf and non-verbal but his love of life is something everyone can learn from.

Erika is so excited to be a part of Let’s Cure CP and the research for a cure. She looks forward to a time when the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy isn’t as devastating as it was when her son was diagnosed..

Shari Dexter

Shari Dexter is a native Washingtonian and as a result grew up getting involved in the Washington political arena by working on political campaigns, fundraising for progressive non-profits and teaching other about the importance of political activism. She is most proud of her work collaborating on a number of programs designed to help kids with special needs including a youth-driven media campaign; planning a medical symposium on current stem cell treatments for parents and professionals with the Kennedy Krieger Institute at John’s Hopkins; lobbying on Capitol Hill to educate legislators about the benefits of saving cord blood for future medical treatments; helping plan a gala to raise thousands of dollars for the March of Dimes; and pushing legislation focused on the inclusion of special needs kids in the classroom.

Her professional work focuses on her creativity. Shari has helped shaped the agenda for successful fundraising and promotional programs in both the business and political arenas. In addition, she has designed special events that have run the gamut… from corporate campaigns to political galas at national party conventions to academic lecture series.  Her approach uses real strategic communications, branding and marketing methods to make every event a memorable occasion while adding an ounce of fun.

She is married and a mother of three — all under age 10.  Her oldest, Timmy, was born with cerebral palsy and she has two younger girls, Abby and Caitlin. Her son’s medical condition has challenged her to tirelessly look for treatments to help him progress, strive and grow as any other child his age.  She is constantly developing new relationships with other parents, medical professionals, therapists, and concerned individuals to share ideas and support each other.  Her hope is that someday she will be able to help not only her son, but other children with disabilities, to find treatments beyond what is readily available.

  G. Wayne Hillis, Jr.

Wayne graduated from the University of Georgia in 1983 with a B.S. in Mathematics.  He graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law in 1986.  Wayne has been a practicing attorney in the Atlanta area for over 26 years specializing in litigation of securities, employment, and commercial disputes.  He has spent the last 23 years at Parker, Hudson, Rainer & Dobbs, where besides maintaining an active litigation practice, he serves as the firm’s managing partner, chair of the firm’s Executive Committee, and a member of the firm’s Diversity Committee.  Wayne has always been active in the legal community and the community at large.  He currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Atlanta Bar Association Minority & Diversity Clerkship Program.  He has also served as President of Murphey Candler Little League and President of the Dunwoody Diamond Club.  He currently is the Director of the Murphey Candler Challenger Program, a little league baseball program for children with special needs.

Wayne is married to Kay and has two sons, Grant and Will.  On June 10, 1999, Wayne’s son Will was born prematurely, weighing only 1 pound 11 ounces.  Shortly after birth, Will suffered two intraventricular hemorrhages, both bilateral grade 3 with components of grade 4 on the right side, and subsequently was diagnosed with CP.  Wayne has supported Let’s Cure CP for years and was asked to join the board in 2012.  Wayne and Kay are both committed to doing all they can to support and promote research into treatment options that will help Will and all children with CP lead happy and productive lives.

Kevin Metzger

Kevin Metzger is father to Haley, Abby and Isaac. Haley his oldest was born 8 weeks early and had a stage one brain bleed but was thought to be okay. When at six months Haley was still not rolling over Kevin’s wife Melanie convinced the doctors to allow them to pursue therapy. When Haley was 1 the therapists said they believed Haley had more significant issues than just delays. It was then that Melanie and Kevin took Haley to the neurologist and after an MRI Haley was diagnosed with CP.  Since that time Kevin and Melanie worked with Haley to help her achieve as much as she could and Kevin began a blog to capture the challenges of raising a child with a disability and to discuss how his learning disability gave special insights into the child raising process. The blog has developed to cover inspirational stories and is even launching Haley’s book “I Am Not Weird” written after a girl at school said she walked weird.

Kevin has a second blog called which is a research project attempting to define this current generation of dads. This project was started after Kevin won the 2009 East Cobber Father of the Year award for an article, Seven Years he had written on The intention of the project is to help frame how today’s dad approaches his roll in the home as an income earner and caretaker, or often as the primary caretaker.

Professionally Kevin is a Business Systems Architect for MailExpress. He has an MBA from Georgia State University and a BS in Computer Information Systems from Clemson University. Kevin has over ten years of experience in applying automated solutions to business processes and problems in areas as diverse as Marketing, to logistics, to social media and web marketing. Kevin has worked with IBM, UPS, Delta, Grady Hospital and Sage, and Sage Health care.

Andrea Proser

Andrea Proser has over 15 years experience in communications and public relations, countless nights and years in volunteer work, and 9 years as the mother of a child with CP. In 2001, Ian was diagnosed in utero with hydrocephalus and Dandy-Walker Variant, and was shunted immediately at birth. Andrea and her husband Eric did not know what to expect of their newborn, as Ian’s hydrocephalus masked the potential of his developing brain. What they got was a kind, good-natured, inspiring child who – even after double-digit shunt revisions at 3 years old and frustrating hemiparesis – acknowledges his challenges but refuses to let them interfere with his love of learning, considerable Nintendo DSI skills and admirable desire to succeed.

Andrea and Eric became even more versed in health care and advocacy when their daughter Alexa, now 5, was diagnosed with Autism. Andrea is a passionate advocate for children with special needs, and she actively engages in fundraising and awareness initiatives for CP, hydrocephalus and autism.

Professionally, since 2008, Andrea has served as the director of Tumbling Waters Retreat & Conference Center at Ramah Darom, overseeing all aspects of operations. Previously, she worked at Atlanta’s Cox Communications for 10 years in roles spanning employee engagement and reputation management. During that time, she was elected to several industry leadership positions in programming, fundraising and sponsorship, and earned national recognition for writing and strategic communications.

Atul Rawat

Atul Rawat was born and lived his early years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He subsequently completed his high school in Bombay, and then went on to study at Boston University. After moving back to Bombay, he joined his family business with interests in Gemstone Mining in Africa, and now spends most of his time in their Real Estate business which involves Residential development in Mumbai and also Cinema and Retail developments in India.

He is married to Tanya and they have two children, Kiara and Vivaan. Their daughter Kiara suffered a hypoxic ischemic event at birth and was subsequently diagnosed with CP in 2002. They have spent the last 10 years rehabilitating Kiara to the best that she can be, and have succeeded to some extent largely due to Kiara being a highly motivated, hard working child. He is a Director in Lets Cure Cerebral Palsy. Helping children with special needs is a cause Atul feels very strongly and is an active contributor to special needs causes in India and America.

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