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February 24th, 2013 | Posted by admin in CP Cure

My CP Story
Hi I’m Kevin Metzger. I’m a board member of Let’s Cure CP. I have an almost 10 year old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy. She is highly functioning but still has difficulties. Several years ago right as we were forming this foundation my daughter had an SDR Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy. The surgery was a success and it made it much easier for her to move her legs. It also eliminated a lot of spasticity but my daughter did rely heavily on the spasticity to make up for her weakness. The results were two years of strenuous therapies to build all the strength with another operation in the middle straightening her legs and lengthening her hamstrings.


Even with both these surgeries my daughter still has difficulty walking. She still has visual perceptive cognition issues. She is bright but might not be able to drive. Things in life are harder for her then they should be and she deserves better.

Mind you I don’t think anything is wrong with my child. She is a beautiful, determined, independent (sometimes too independent), strong willed, amazing achiever and she is a wonderful daughter who continues to make me proud. She can and will do almost anything she wants in life but as I said above it shouldn’t be so hard for her.

In addition to my daughter CP has been a part of my life for over 30 years. One of my best friends has CP. He has been an inspiration to me in my own life even prior to having my daughter and he served as a modle to me knowing that while difficult life can still be lived without limits. And I strive to instill that same belief in abilities in my daughter.

Finding a Cure:
Finding a cure to me will be nothing short of a miracle! I believed the doctors that said a cure was not and is not possible for a long time. I heard about the hyperbaric therapies and felt they were a hoax, even after hearing positive results from other parents. I knew from my interest in science that the brain was the one organ that does nothing to regenerate itself and honestly all I knew about stem cells was from the news on embryonic stem cells.

But as a dad who wanted to know more I began to slowly learn about the potential of stem cells. I learned that there are different kinds of cells and that there are adult stem cells that are successfully (limited but successfully) being used to help patients who recently had strokes. I began to realize that a potential cure is possible in my daughters lifetime and I heard that this wonderful organization might be put together I jumped on board as soon as I could to help out.

I’m so excited about the possibilities of the research we are sponsoring. It will be helpful not only to my daughter but to so many other people with CP and other conditions. There is still a ton to learn and years of experimentation and fine tuning but we areon the cusp of major medical break throughs in the science of the brain and cell regeneration. I hope you’ll join us by telling your story and what CP means to you by filling out this form. Also you can support our cause by pledging 19.99/month by clicking here.

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